Student Achievment

Student achievement for all our students should be our top priority. We need to make sure we are preparing our students for the educational, professional and vocational careers of the future. This absolutely starts at a young age, and I will work within our district and in cohesion with our other school districts to prepare them for any career. We must also realize that simple standardized testing has not worked, and that music, the arts and other electives are an important part to the big educational picture.

Additionally, while the State of California recommends classroom size to be no more than 28 students per classrooms, we have many classrooms in our district that have well over 35 students. When our classrooms are overcrowded, it is our students who suffer the most. We have to find ways to build more classrooms, hire more teachers and look for creative ways of mitigating the student to teacher ratio. Creative solutions like co-teaching can go a long way in making sure our students have an opportunity to have real mentors.